The website for students of Primitive Skills and Nature

Welcome! This website was created by the Tracker School’s Keeper group as a central repository for resources for anyone interested in primitive skills and learning about the Earth. Although the focus is on the skills and philosophies taught by Tom Brown Jr. at the Tracker School, we are not affiliated with the Tracker School. This website was created from our desire to support the Vision of Stalking Wolf by creating community, supporting each other, and providing resources to help each of us on our path.

On this website we will collect resources, such as books by Tom and others that teach survival, awareness, tracking and spiritual skills, videos, photographs, and other resources to aid in our learning.  We also  list schools, tracking clubs, gatherings and Vision Quest programs.  If you would like your school, club or program listed, or have resources you would like to see shared, send us an email at!

Please, if you have issues creating an account, email me at I am approving all accounts by hand, so the approval might take a little time, please be patient. Thanks for reading!