With the concerns Tom has shared about potential problems around the full moon this month, now would be a great time to go over your go-bag. So I’m recommending this Saturday, November, 21st as Check Your Go Bag(s) Day. Things to do:

* Remove all items, inventory and make sure you have packed everything you need. In the Tracker Forum area there are listings that people have submitted with the content of their go-bags, so if you want to look at other people’s ideas to compare your content, this Saturday would be a good time to do so.

* Check any food items. Some items have a shelf life and may need to be replaced. 

* Check any medications for expirations and replace as needed.

* Check lighters. Especially if your bag is kept in the car, check your lighters to make sure they still have fuel. It can evaporate over time in the heat.

* Check the condition and repair of all your items. It will do no good if it’s condition has been compromised by humidity, trauma damage or general aging. 

* Ask yourself, with the things you currently have, are you ready to walk into the woods for good and thrive? If not, what items do you need or what skills do you need to develop. 

* If at all possible, go for a walk or a hike with it. Make sure it rides well and that the weight is manageable  for you. If everyone in the family has one, make this a family outing. 

It doesn’t do any good if our we are not comfortable with our go-bag and its contents. It may save our lives and the lives of those we love, so take some time to make sure it is exactly what you want. If Saturday doesn’t work for you, try to get it done before the end of the month…just in case.

Would love to hear about your experiences doing this!


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