Two trappers, starving, stumbled into a native camp. The chief , realizing their plight pointed to the meat pole, and with a gesture of his hand offered the starving wanderers, to eat from the numerous deer that were hanging. The two men rushed to the food and proceeded to tear off the fat from the hindquarters, going from deer to deer, they didn’t want the meat right then, they craved fat!

     I have pretty much proved the same thing, after 4 days of full survival, where all I had was some greens, a few cattail roots, and a couple of wild strawberries, what I want is fat, and lots of it!

So why no meat. I could set primitive traps, but each time out one learns more, journaling revealed a lot of the mistakes.

    Here are some of them. 

I ate the bait- roasted cattail roots will be very attractive to squirrels mice woodchuck, etc. and strawberry are a treasured bait. But it’s real hard not to eat them when famished. I went back a looked for more later, and could find no more.

Didn’t have building a debris shelter in two hours, , and I foolishly started build a vestibule on the front, before I had a warm and dry bed.

By 2.2 hours a thunderstorm was on me, driving almost horizontal sheets of rain as I watched from in my shelter, for about an hour. Then it was over, and everything was soaked. Really soaked. Shelter stayed dry, but I hadn’t had time to stuff it!

Just dirt bed inside.

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