m not one for watching the survivor shows, but I cannot stress enough the value in watching this series. The premise is that 10 people are selected. They have to prove their skills to be selected (some of them have been Tracker students, some survival instructors, but the all have solid foundational skills). These people are dropped off alone in a wilderness area with basically a go-bag of supplies. The show premise is that the person who stays the longest wins money. But the teachings of this show are countless. You experience over and over the psychological and physical strains that take people out. You see where skill failure means starvation and sadly, you see how short a period of time these people can survive on their own in the wilderness. They have some limitations you might not face, but in general, this could easily be equated to an escape scenario. I think this show is of great value if for no other reason than that it helps us be realistic about our skills and our abilities to survive with just a go-bag. It shows us our gaps and what we need to focus on. This is time well spent for preparing for time in the wilderness.


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