How to Make a Paiute Deadfall; Corporals Corner: Good step by step instructions.

How to Make 6 Different Bushcraft Traps; Nomadic Woodsman: Good demonstration of the construction of the traps and he does some experimenting which I like. There were things he did that would make them less effective, so they’re also good for watching to analyze the pros and cons.

Primitive Trapping Tips; Tom Brown III; Excerpt from Tommy’s hunting and trapping class at Sigma 3 Survival School.

Where to set Traps for Survival Trapping; Black Hat Bushcraft: Good video that talks through various things to consider when choosing trap locations.

Mojave Scissor Survival Trap in Action: Catching and Eating Rats; Shawn Woods: Excellent step by step instruction on this very effective trap. I also appreciate that he uses only things from nature…and he eats the rats he catches.

This Corn Mousetrap from India is Incredibly Effective and Simple to Make: Shawn Woods: So this is not a primitive trap…but how could we modify it and take advantage of a clever idea?


Big Book of Homemade Weapons:  Much of this manual isn’t primitive, but the opening section is on primitive man traps. Good for protection as well as adaptable for food animals.


Link to Pinterest page with various primitive traps.

  • Greased String Deadfall