Melon Basket: Debbie Tremel

Finding and Preparing natural Materials:  Matt Tommey  This has helpful information on how to prepare and store basket materials.

Quick and Easy Blackberry Bramble Basket:  Paco Warabi  From harvest to creation. Well videoed and how-to for all levels of basket makers.

Making a Birch Bark Basket: Nomadic Woodsman:  Although he uses modern tools, you get enough instruction to adapt to fully primitive and the basket he makes is stunning!

Primitive Technology: Basket:  Primitive Skills:  A step by step demonstration from harvest to use of a woven basket made from vines.

Making Willow Baskets: Woodlands TV: This is more a demonstration video than a how-to video. If you have some experience though, you can see a number of tricks in techniques as she makes her basket. She also speaks of the preparation of the saplings for basket making.

The Black Ash Basket Maker:  Wood Culture Tour:  Although this is more a documentary than a how-to video, the video shows him working on the harvesting and preparation of the splints and the weaving of the baskets. It also shows a wide variety of splint baskets that he’s made- beautiful and great for getting ideas of variety of ways these can be designed.

Hexigonal Weave with Basket Hoop Vine; Caribbean Earth Skills  Tracker instructor Carmen Corridino demonstrates the making of a hexigonal weave basket from harvest through material prep to construction. Beautiful baskets!

Weaving Cattail Baskets; Peasantartscrafts  Various techniques for using cattail for baskets is demonstrated by a Romanian elder.

Making a backpack from Birch Bark; Finnish Folk- Traditional; Miana Riposo: Not specifically a how-to video, but does show each step of the process.


Make a Coiled Raffia Basket: We Are Scout:  This article has great photos and descriptions on how to make a coil basket. This article uses raffia, but the principle can be applied to other media including pine needles, cloth or other plant fibers.


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