History and Overview of Birch Bark Canoe Building The Woodland Escape: Excellent video in which he talks about the history and use of the Ojibwa birch bark canoe and then demonstrates gathering all the natural materials and the construction of the canoe.

How Indians Build Canoes 1946 in Color, Masters of Survival: An interesting documentary from 1946 of the building of a canoe.

From Tree to Canoe Part 1, Chopping and Burning, Townsends: Covers how to select trees, pitfalls, splitting and burning for dugout canoe.

From Tree to Canoe Part 2, Aches, Pains and More Chopping, Townsends: We see the slow progress, including creating the ends, and realize how much work goes into making a dugout.

From Tree to Canoe Part 3, Ready for Adventure?, Townsends: Final burn (and they use hand drill!) and finishing touches.

Tuktu 2 The Big Kayak, How to Build a Kayak Out of Driftwood, Alaska Extreme: The Tuktu series has information on many traditional Inuit skills. In this video, they demonstrate the construction of a kayak.

Birch Bark Canoe, Lakeland PBS: Even though modern tools are used, there is a lot of helpful information on the construction of a birch bark canoe.

Building a Bundle Boat, Live Free or Die, National Geographic: A short video that give’s you an idea of how to build a bundle boat- much more quickly than you can build other types of boats.

Make a Tule Canoe with all Stone Tools, Catch and Cook California: Excellent video! From harvest to finished canoe with all stone tools and natural cordage.


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