By Kim Cabrera

Learn about common animal tracks by coloring these pages. Created by a professional tracker and biologist, these track images show accurate animal tracks. Kids will enjoy coloring the animals as well as their tracks. Their is information about each species as well, making this book a great learning tool to teach young children about animal tracks and tracking. The book covers common species, as well as some uncommon animals and zoo animals. Great book for a budding tracker! (write up from Amazon page)

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This book was written by 10 year old, Aslan Tudor, sharing about his experiences at Standing Rock and their efforts to protect the water. He is of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. The book can be read by 9-10 year olds, but good discussions could start with younger children if the story is read to them.

Young Water Protectors

Stellaria herb fairy

Wildcraft! teaches 27 medicinal and edible plants. It is a cooperative board game fun for all ages. John Gallagher learned about plants from Karen Sherwood and Jon Young among many others.

And Herb Fairies! A children’s herbal learning system.

These really can be for all ages, but they’re great for kids, either as flashcards or as playing cards that keep the wild plants in front of them. These are a good tool, but not a stand alone field guide. There is limited information on the back of each card and some of the photos are not great for identifying. So they’re good for fun and learning, but should be used with other books for more information. They are the size of a regular deck of cards.

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This is a reading of the book by Tracker, Ingrid Mertens. It’s a lovely story about the circle of life and community of the forest. Beautiful artwork by Scott Banfill.  It looks like the book may be out of print, so this is a wonderful way to share this story with your kids.

A beautifully illustrated message of love, appreciation and protection for water.

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We are Water Protectors

A wonderful book to introduce children to all the wonders and mysteries of trees!

The birds, the bees, the flowers and the…TREES! How do trees grow? Why do leaves change? What kind of tree is that? The acclaimed Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s guide answers all kids’ (and their parents’) tree-related questions in an easy-to-understand way. It features 33 different trees that grow in North America, from rural Georgia to the streets of New York City to the California suburbs. Each profile includes a beautiful botanical watercolor illustration by author Gina Ingoglia showing the tree as it appears in a particular season, as well as life-size depictions of its leaf, flower, and seed. Readers of all ages will be in awe over the wonderful world of trees.

Not only is this a true story, but it’s written (with help) by the 11 year old bug girl herself. It’s a story of how she fell in love with bugs, and how she ended up being bullied for loving them, and how she dealt with that. The book also contains a section with fun facts about insects and bugs. A wonderful book for young girls- and boys! 

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This field guide is designed for families to learn and safely use all the basics of survival. It not only covers primitive skills but also includes activities and teachings on awareness and nature appreciation. It is perfect for any parent wanting to introduce their children to the joys of nature and the skills of survival.

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Field Guide to Nature Survival for Children
Field Guide to Nature Survival for Children

This was my childhood favorite- and have read and enjoyed it as an adult as well. It’s the story of you boy who runs away to the Catskills to live for a year off the land. He doesn’t have much experience when he starts, so the story is of his adventures; his successes and failures, and the joy he has living off the land. There are also two sequel books to this story. 

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Look what happens when one little girl decides to make the world more beautiful. Lovely illustrations to accompany the story of the Lupine Lady.

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All Abbey wants to do is make a wonderful frog palace in her new terrarium. Who would have thought it would be so hard to catch a frog? And who would have guessed she’d learn so much about the perfect place for her frog to live?

A delightful tale of one child’s journey to connecting with nature. Fully illustrated with intricate images that capture the beauty and adventure of nature.

Written by long time Tracker Debbie Tremel!

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This is a great way to introduce your children to medicinal plants. TThis is a fun story for young people with 12 year old, Dakota aka Bones, and his journey to find the missing treasure of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It’s a fun adventure that takes place in Utah’s red rock country. The character has some unique skills, like free diving, and demonstrates perseverance, ingenuity and caring as he endeavors to decipher the map. Dakota runs into a period where he is left to survival and demonstrates some good, mostly realistic survival skills. One thing I especially like about the story is that Dakota’s motivation isn’t greed or for himself, but to help his ill grandfather.

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This is an excellent story about a young man who crashes into the Canadian wilderness and must survive with no experience and only a hatchet as a tool. Not only is it a great adventure, but it realistically demonstrates the perseverance, creativity and mindset needed to survive. It explores, not only the physical aspect of survival, but the psychological as well.

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This charming book is a must for families wanting to instill gratitude for life, for all things of the Earth and for each other in their children. The book was written by Tracker Sarah Milicia and the link is to a free video of the book being read by Tracker Ingrid Mertens.

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Link to free video presentation of book