Making a deer skin/buckskin shirt; Tribe of Benjamin: This is an excellent video because he demonstrates the whole process and only uses primitive tools.

Washing your buckskin Clothing and Why you Really Ought to… Buckskin Revolution: This woman obviously knows a lot about buckskin, from seeing her videos, and this one deals with the care of buckskin clothing.

Sewing Buckskin; Survival Crafts: So not really primitive- when she says sinew, she means artificial sinew… but, she shares a number of sewing techniques that would be very helpful for sewing buckskins.

Making Knee High Leggings: The Tribe of Benjamin: Making of a pair of simple calf leggings with primitive tools.

Buckskin Shorts Overview: Buckskin Revolution: Not a step by step, but gives instructions on the process and shows another great item you can make with buckskin.

Sewing Gut 7/13: Processing Gut with Mary Tunuchuk: Part of a Smithsonian series on making Inuit Gut Parkas

Sewing Gut 6/13: Processing Gut with Elaine Kingeekuk: Another perspective and steps in the process of processing seal guts.

Sewing Gut 8/13: Using an Alternative Material: Using pig guts as alternative to seal gut.

Sewing Gut 11/13: Sewing gut: There are additional videos you can watch of preparations to sew. This goes into the actual sewing.


Inuit Clothing- Wikipedia Great information about Inuit clothing and footwear, including brief description of waterproof seams for clothes and boots.


Link to Pinterest collection on clothes.