How to Ponass a Fish Over a Fire: Smoked Salmon:  Bushcraft Tools  Simple demonstration of very effective method of cooking fish.

Cactus Eating: Desert Survival Food and Water: Bob Hansler:  In this video he demonstrates the harvesting, preparation and eating of a barrel cactus. He also discusses and shows a clip of removing spines with fire.

Wildcamp; Primitive Cooking: Zed Outdoors: Ponassing a fish and cooking eggs in a clay bowl. Also good because uses only natural tools so overall good assessment of primitive cooking.

Bushcraft Cooking Steak on Coals; Wilderness Pioneers: Most of the video is prepping the coals, because it really is that simple. It’s also one of my favorite cooking methods- gives meat a great flavor.

Primitive Hot Rock Cooking Failure; Wilderness Pioneers: Because we learn more from our (or others’) failures…


Stone Oven- How to Build/Use Primitive Cooking Technology: Horseback Bob  This has step by step construction instructions for building a stone oven. It is well explained and illustrated and includes several videos including the building of the oven, baking bread in the oven and even how to use the oven as a smoker for cold smoking fish.

Extracting Salt from Plants:  Practical Self Reliance:  The article describes extracting salt from coltsfoot, but also includes other plants and in the discussion section, there is more information.

7 Primitive Cooking Methods you Still Need to Know Today; Ask a Prepper: Good introductory article on cooking methods with only what nature provides.


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