Eating Scorpion, Desert Survival Food

Giant Grubs, Catch and Cook

Cricket Trap- Catching Crickets Using Light and Cooking

Cricket Trap

Cricket Trap- Using Plastic Bottle

Collecting Insects with Pitfall Traps

Websites: Bay Area Bug Eating Society (BABES)- Information, recipes, nutrition, FAQs and more! Although this site sells insect products, look for the tab “Ento-Education”. There is tons of information there including nutrition, benefits of eating insects, and more. Tons of great information from around the world

Articles:  Crispy Critters: Best Edible Bugs Great simple blog post about most common insects in wilderness setting and what bugs to avoid. Also has info on how to find and prepare.

Worms as Food Source for Humans

Cultured Earthworms as Human Food