Since Tom did a class on preparedness, I have been thinking a lot about how
to share my experiences with the tracker community. My husband and I have
been “working” in the emergency preparedness field for over 25 years. We
lost his knowledge with his death last year; he had studied the FEMA courses
and was qualified to work with the county emergency response team if ever
needed. I took a couple of courses but focused primarily on family level
preparedness. We even over saw a couple of community preparedness fairs
covering things from go packs, water storage and treatment, fire mitigation
on your property, home production (gardening, caning, dehydrating, etc.). I
put our first emergency packs together about 40 years ago and what is in them
has changed due to age, tastes, and climate. I am hoping to be able to get
some of my trails and errors out so others can get ready a little more
quickly and easily. Some of the products I like to use are no longer
available, and I can only see things getting more challenging. I thought
about starting a blog, but who would read it, who would even know it was
there to read? Then I thought that the central fire site was gathering
information for trackers maybe this could be a good venue. When I look
through the sight it doesn’t seem like the best fit. I don’t currently
have books to recommend or schools to attend. Maybe someone there has an idea
or maybe Tom covered everything in the class he did. Please let me know if
there is something, I can do to help.
Monica Kramer

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