Primitive Survival Fish Trap:  North Survival:  Makes a really sturdy fish trap and demonstrates its use- successfully.

Survival Fish Trap- Woven:  Tom McElroy, Wild Survival:  Former Tracker instructor, Tom McElroy, demonstrates woven fish trap with willow shoots.  Great trap and really great video from inside the trap as it captures fish!

Tuktu 7- The Ten Thousand Fishes (how to Fish with a Rock Weir; Alaska Extreme: I love this series. Documentary style of traditional use of ancient rock weir.

Primitive Stone Fishing Weir; Josh Smith: Demonstrates how to build and explains the fish weir.

Fishing at the Stone Weir, Part One: Filmed in the 1960’s, this documents the traditional lifestyles of the Netsilingmiut people.

Fishing at the Stone Weir, Part Two

How to Make a Primitive Fish Trap: We Survival: Demonstrates step by step process of making a fish basket trap as well as setting it up for a successful catch.


Primitive Survival Fish Basket Trap:  J. Herbert  Article contains instructions with photographs on how to construct fish basket trap with rootlets.