Primitive “Abo” Flintknapping:  Greg Pryor Homestead  It may not be the most elegant point, but the good thing in this video is that he’s using all natural materials. It’s definitely not the same as using modern tools. Could be helpful for those who have some experience already. 

   Flintknapping:  Arrow points from bottle bottoms:  Practical Primitive  Great how to on a readily available material. 

   9 Step Knapping- Flintknapping Made Easy:  Practical Primitive:  Eddie Starnater, Julie Martin  This is not a free video, but a DVD class which sells for $24.95.  It is an excellent course and was invaluable for me when I moved from bottle bottoms to actually working stone. They simplify the process so you quickly are able to make serviceable points.

Hammerstone on Challenging Small Spalls: Flintknapping Tips:  This video will most likely help those with a little experience working stone. He does talk through what he’s doing though, so it can benefit everyone. He demonstrates on two different spalls and succeeds at getting them to a good workable platform. Great to watch his technique too. He also talks about the selection of hammerstones for knapping.

Obsidian Slab Edging with Hammerstone; Flintknappingtips:  Great tutorial for those with a bit of experience working stone. 

Antler Shaft Punch/Pressure Arrow: Flintknappingtips:  Makes a sweet little point using an antler punch and antler flakers.


Flintknapping Articles  This is a compilation of articles they gathering from the internet and there’s something for everyone in here. Some are as simple as explaining flintknapping terms to skills explained that are suited to those with experience.


Link to Debbie Tremel’s Pinterest collection of Stone Tools

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