Before this Amazing display, forsythia flowers beginning to blossom, Spring is Come! A child

who is drawn to this Incredible fiesta – yellow flowers like Sunshine, arrayed ~ before his

eyes…one flower, drawing his gaze, a child settles upon…looking, with a sense of Open

WONDER, letting Marvel of CREATION take him on a Magical Journey ~ Deep.


The child who, in midst of utter desolation, world that’s crumbled, with no

Hope, this wayfarer, amidst the rubble, coming to array of flowers – yellow like the Rising Sun,

pauses in his aimless search, and lets his eyes settle on one…Now, Imagine ~ how, on EARTH,

one child is – through a flower – Transported, Deep INside, passing by – Waves, and Cascades of

Light…as his eyes, ‘Behold,’ turning – away from a flower, onto this world, with Beauty he

is Seeing, and Feeling, ALL through a Sea

Deep Soul, Knowing:

‘The Kingdom of Heaven is Here.’

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