13+ Survival Gardening Crops to Grow to Live off Your Garden; Rob Greenfield: This is focused on more tropical/warmer regions but some of the crops can grow in colder regions. This man lived for a year on only gardened and foraged foods, so has a realistic take on what it you need.


The Lost Forest Gardens of Europe: Shelterwood Forest  This excellent article shares so much valuable information about the ancient European cultures and their hunter/gatherer/agriculture practices. It shares how this adapted with radical environmental changes. Lots of great information on sustainable agriculture.

How to Plant a Food Forest this Winter: Modern This is an outstanding article with detailed information on planting a food forest. If you are going to plant and not in the modern agricultural model, this is the best way to do so in a wild setting. It addresses what types of plants to combine, when to plant and prepare your garden so it is as maintenance free as possible.

West Coast Food Forestry; Rain Tenaqiya;  Although this says it’s specific to the area west of the Cascade mountains in North America, it has information about plants that have a much broader range. There are examples of gardens and what they contain and detailed information about a wide variety of plants including what they’re resistant to, as well as what they are susceptible to. It includes other information such as preferred soils, etc. It is free to download- the catch is you have to sign up for a free month with Just remember to cancel!

Not All Seeds are Created Equal:  Debbie Tremel  A blog post regarding the choice of seeds, including wild plants, to consider for your go-bag.

Forest Garden with 500 Edible Plants  Excellent article about gardening (both native and “garden” plants) in the forest.


Link to Pinterest page on Forest Gardening– has various links and information on Food forest/forest gardening.