How to Make Fur Mitts (Part 1); Sask Hunting: Instruction on make coyote fur mittens.

How to Make Fur Mitts (Part 2); Sask Hunting: He uses a modern glue, but I would consider a hide glue and some stitching as well.

Making Leather Gloves by Evelyn Toomitsu: Shows the pieces and steps in making leather gloves. She uses a thin leather, but design could be modified for a thicker leather.

Making Winter Buckskin Mittens; Lure of the North: Although she’s referencing a kit, you can make your own patterns and she does such a good job of demonstrating how to stitch the thumb, it’s definitely worth watching.

Knitting Easy Mittens; RJ Knits: This guy always explains things so clearly. You must have a basis in knitting- knitting, purling and knitting in the round. (There are videos on these under textiles and weaving)

Learn to Knit Gloves: Knitting House Square: You obviously need some experience to do this, but it would be a good skill to have!



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