How to Dry Gourds for Crafting: Bernadette Fox  I liked this video because she obviously has extensive experience growing and drying gourds for the types of uses we have. She gives recommendations on how to dry outdoors and indoors and shows you what gourds look like in the drying process and how to tell when they are dry. 


How to Make Food-Safe Gourd Bowls: Kathy James  Unlike so many articles that suggest paraffin or bees wax (bees wax isn’t as easy to come by in the wilds as people might think), this article uses oil. She talks about a commercial oil, but says Native peoples used any fat. If it is well rendered, it would work as well or better than commercial. The best bits of the article are advice on how to use and maintain an oil sealed bowl.


Here’s a link to my Pinterest collection of images of different gourd containers.