Hiya Brothers, Heyya Sisters,  Now you all know We are Family, Grandfather’s Grandchildren, and knowing what we do – about the inevitable collapse, it would behoove us (as many as possible) to be able to ‘link up’/communicate, when the normal channels of communication aren’t working properly.  A number of Trackers, and Keepers, have acquired a Ham Radio License, which is the best possible alternative (to keeping in touch, and helping one another).  I have signed up for a 2-day on-line class, Jan. 23-24, 2021, after which you take the test (included) and pass, so you have a license.  Total cost, class + test is $55.00 (that’s it).  You will also need to study (yep, back-to-school a bit) the Gordon West Technician Class book ($20).  So, sign up Now, through Anita Kemmerer, the License Class Registrar for the Nashua Area Radio Society classes@n1fd.org (her phone #, 603-321-6115).  I do not know how many people they can accept, so better act early.

In Spirit of Life, with Grace,

Zoran Z.   


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