Make a Hand Drill Fire:  Tom McElroy  Provides good instruction on form and technique.

Hand Drill Fire: Joe Lau Hand Drill: A Love/Hate Relationship Part 1- Comprehensive treatment of Hand Drill

Hand Drill Fire: Joe Lau Blisterless, Callousless (HD) Hand Drill method Part 2

Hand Drill Tips; Less Effort, More Coals: Roots School  Good tips for those who have been working hand drill and want some pointers on how to improve.

Phyre Phryday Vlog-7/22/22– Phyre Dojo In this Vlog, Joe walks the edge of a cornfield pointing out all the various hand drill plants that are growing there. The repetition is good and he points out the desired sizes as well.

Wilderness Survival- Hand Drill Tips Roots School: Common errors identified and corrected.

Mullein on Mullein Hand Drill Demo– Phyre Dojo Just what it says.


Hand Drill Fire: Alderleaf Wilderness College  This is a good article with clear instructions and photographs and addresses selection of viable materials.

A Friction Fire Inquiry    This link was sent in by Uedinenya  very in depth useful article on hand drill exploration.