Making a deer hide bush hat; Rambooutfitters: I would have never thought of this! He actually uses rawhide, but does processing that makes it close to tanned, so I listed this here. It’s ingenious and makes a great hat!

Peter Williams, Sewing and Alaska Fur Hat: This is not a how-to video, but he shares wonderful perspective on the relationship with the animals used and there are little helpful hints throughout.

Coyote Fur Trappers Hat; Back Country Outdoors: This is more of a how-to video and shows a great book for those who want to dig in more to sewing furs.

Story of Cedar, Cedar Hat Weaving and Bark Pulling Cowichan Coast Salish; Phil Ives: Much more than a video about making hats. There’s a lot about relationship with cedar, caretaking… Not specifically how-to, but if you have some experience with basket weaving, this video goes from harvesting the cedar bark through the completed hat.


Making a “Mountain Man” Fur Hat; Instructables: How-to of a fairly simple fur hat made from mid-sized animals.


Link to Pinterest page with a wide variety of natural hats.