For Trackers Only, we are offering Roundtable disscusion opportinities that need to be hosted by a Keeper. If you volunteer to host, you would first choose a topic. It could be from your keeper area, or from any area you have descent experience. You would select a date and time and you would need a conference call number. These can be obtained for free from companies like Free With this you have a number anyone can call into with the appropriate access code. You might want to limit group size to 10 or less since it can be challenging or group discussion with more. You can also partner with another Keeper to share the hosting responsibilities.

What kind of topics? It can be anything from go-bags to spring plants, teaching children to making bows. It is an opportunity for people to learn and share. The host should have experience in the area. You’re not, however, expected to be an expert and be teaching, but knowing the topic enough to direct the conversation and answer some questions would be good.

Once you have all this, write a brief description and post that with the time, date and how to contact you. If you do this 3-4 weeks before hand, you’ll hopefully get good participation. Once they’ve contacted you, send them your call in information and code. Send a reminder a few days before hand to everyone enrolled.

Then the day of, log into your call. It would be helpful to have some things prepared- like questions, resources, etc. But much should be directed by the interest and needs of those calling in. You can open with asking what folks are looking to gain from the discussion and let that direct you. We recommend you keep the call to one hour. If there is interest to continue, get concensus or schedule an additional call in date. After an hour on the phone, most people are burnt out. 

If you have questions about hosting, please contact Debbie Tremel at

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