I found this exercise from Donna Eden, who works with energy medicine. This uses your own energies. This has worked great for me and brought my pressure down from 150/90 to low 120’s/80. I don’t take any medications.

  1. Rub your hands together vigorously and then shake them off.
  2. With your left hand, you want to make a counter clockwise circle with your hand over your chest, about 3 inches above it. You do this for 3 minutes.

    (If someone is right in front of you, looking at you, and you have a clock on your chest, with the 12 under your chin and the 6 at the bottom of your sternum, go counter clockwise using this reference.)

For me, the easiest way to do this is to place your left hand at 6 o’clock/bottom of the circle, and move to your left.

3.Shake your hands off, rub them together again and shake them off again.

4.Now, using your right hand, make your circles clockwise for 1 and ½ minutes. (place your right hand at the bottom of the circle and start moving to your right).

Notice how you can feel the energy swirl in your chest from your hand.

Do this every day, you can do it twice a day if you want. For me, I saw improvement about the 3rd day, and by 2 wks it was solid and holding at 120/80. The longer you do this ( as in days), the longer it holds. Some people said they got results in the same day, in just a few hrs. I imagine it will be different for each person, depending on what is the root cause, and medications you take.

You can also do this to/for someone else, if they are unable to do it. Your left arm will get tired when making circles for 3 minutes , but in a couple of days you won’t notice it anymore.

If you know your meds are going to run out, I’d start doing this 1 wk or 2 before they run out, but you can play with this now to see how it effects you and how long it takes to bring it down.

It took me a lot of searching to find this exercise, and I found it on a message board that someone posted. I think it was for MS. I did not see this anywhere on Donna Eden’s information, although she has a video for lowering you BP, I tried it and it relaxes you and calms you down but doesn’t lower it any significant levels. She does has some good stuff out there that works for all kinds of things.

This has given me peace of mind, because my partner has high BP and I don’t want him stroking out when things get bad and he can’t get meds. Would love to hear your results.

With much love to you all,




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