Grandfathers description of the children of the Earth was very simple-
It was only those who needed nothing from this society, the Earth will provide all things.
All others will die…..
     The knife is a sharpened rock, maybe a hammered piece of metal scavenged in wandering..
Don’t know how to Knapp?
    The 30 videos I put on u tube are for the children of the Earth.
The knots are my most used ones.
I simplified down as much as I could knapping. A small stone for percussion, a nail for pressure flaking.
Five minute fire from nothing using one match.
Green wood bow, quick seasoning.
Quick arrows.
Proper archery form
Timber hitch to attach the snare to the spring stick, so it can be quickly removed.
    The four standard class traps- grandfather said ,”they are all the children of the Earth will need”
I’ll put them up later this year.
    There is still time to prepare by playing with the sacred skills of survival.
Or giving up and saying I’m just going to die.
    But that isn’t the way of the scout.
All the best!❤

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