Below is the summary of a class I gave for my CERT team on lock picking.

Lock Picking For Emergencies


Basic Points

In an extreme emergency you may have to:

– Rescue people who are unable to get to and unlock their door.

– Get resources from abandoned structures to continue operations.

– Get into a locked place to escape dangerous conditions.

Forced entry (smashing through doors, breaking glass, climbing to get into open windows) involves risk of injury. Lock picking is gentle and can’t result in injury.


Lock Picking Law


Carrying Lock picks In NYS is not Illegal, unless it’s proven that that person intends to commit a crime…then anything can be a burglary tool (brick, screwdriver, pry bar, etc.). And in NYC, just don’t put yourself out there as a Locksmith…stick to picking your own locks or others people’s locks only with consent!

Other states have different laws. A map showing state laws is available from a lock picking organization called toool.


Training Videos


-Raking Skills

How To Attack Locks For Beginners

Picking With Rakes


-Picking Skill

Solomon’s Speed Bump Method Explained

Picking With Hooks


-Making Picks From Found Objects

How To Pick A Lock With Hairpins



Toool, Lock Picking Organisation, Local Chapter, (Meetings, Training)


New York, NY
mailing list

3rd Thursday of the month … location changes frequently in order to reach
all citizens of the Big Apple. Email us and/or join the mailing list for updates.


The picks for this class were purchased from



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