I want only to apprentice myself to Mother Nature, to steep myself in the raw reality of survival, and, like Thoreau, to wander without time or destination, a hawk-eye witness to the unfoldingof four full seasons.

This narrative reveals a path of both dreamtime and awakening. When Dunn leaves her workaday world to suspend the “busy-ness” of mainstream routines, all sorts of emotions begin to surface. With heartfelt honesty, the author leans into the sharp places, exposed and raw, to discover her true self. Wisdom blooms from her experiences. “This is what I love about this year,” she writes. “I’m crafting the tools for living from my own hands, from the earth; beauty and functionality are one and the same, transforming the mundane into the sacred.” So evolves the journey of balance with nature, as Dunn seeks the sacred order of shelter, water, fire, and food to sustain herself through the seasons. Year Without Matches: Escaping the City in Search of the Wild by Claire Dunn

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