How to Make 6 Different Bushcraft Traps:  Nomadic Woodsman:  This is a well-done demonstration of how to prepare and set these traps. 

Primtive Trapping Tips; Tom Brown III: Sigma 3 Survival School:  Excellent video that address all the skills needed to effectively trap animals for food. Good tips for beginners or those with experience.

Animal Traps and Snaring; The Wooded Beardsman:  Although he uses non-snap snares that, although effective, are not as humane as a snap snare that will break the animal's neck, this is a good video for setting traps. He demonstrates finding an area and the placement of traps as well as how to funnel animals into the traps. You'll see he's successful and also how to prepare and different ways to cook the rabbits he caught.

Shoshone Deadfall Trap: Primitive Lifeways  Demonstrates the construction and setting of the Shoshone Deadfall.

How to Make a Paiute Deadfall: Corporals Corner:  A good step by step of the construction and setting of the Paiute Deadfall.


Big Book of Homemade Weapons:  Much of this manual isn't primitive, but the opening section is on primitive man traps. Good for protection as well as adaptable for food animals.

Building Primitive Traps and Snares: This article contains a great variety of primitive traps. There is not a great deal of information about setting each one, but there are illustrations. Once you have experience with traps, these will make sense. A good resource for trying some new traps, including some for self defense. Free download, but you have to sign up for a free month of I'll put several on these lists and there are more there I'm sure, so make the most of your month, then cancel!