Primitive Survival Fish Trap:  North Survival:  Makes a really sturdy fish trap and demonstrates its use- successfully

Survival Fish Trap- Woven:  Tom McElroy, Wild Survival:  Former Tracker instructor, Tom McElroy, demonstrates woven fish trap with willow shoots.  Great trap and really great video from inside the trap as it captures fish!

A Trap that Does the Fishing For You: Survival Lilly;  A good demonstration on how to set up a fish snare. If you have sapling by your stream, the fishing pole can be left alive. Interesting alarm system- not required, but has interesting applications.

Survival Fishing: The Very Best Method: Survival Theory:  Kind of a funky video, but he demonstrates a fish snare with a different trigger, as well as hand fishing. He also talks about how to select the best methods and factors in choosing fishing location. It also contains a helpful knot demonstration is you'er using commercial fish line.

Build Fish Trap from Stone, Catch Big Fish: Primitive Food Village: The best part of this video is the first half where they demonstrate building a fish weir and show it working. After that, the "acting" is a bit exaggerated, they demonstrate why a fish spear would be good : ). They do demonstrate another method of cooking fish though, if you're interested.

The Best Survival Fish Trap; Sigma 3 Survival School:  Excellent video demonstration the construction of a fish basket trap as well as its placement and use.

Spring Pole Fish Trap; Corporal Corner: This trap is a little more complicated than some I've seen, but it's always good to have options in your toolbox. The video is well-done.


Primitive Survival Fish Basket Trap:  J. Herbert  Article contains instructions with photographs on how to construct fish basket trap with rootlets.