Art of the Throwing Stick- Tom Brown III:  Sigma 3 Survival School  Good introduction to finding and throwing the throwing stick.

An Introduction to the Rabbitstick: Primitive Lifeways:  A good video on designs of long-term rabbitsticks in two styles. This continues in a "how to make" video (below)

How to Make a Rabbitstick; Part One: Primitive Lifeways:  First phase of work with discussions about woods and use of tools.

How to Make a Rabbitstick: Part Two of Four: Primitive Lifeways: 2nd phase of work with knife and rasp (can make with primitive tools)

How to Make a Rabbitstick: Part Three of Four: Primitive Lifeways:  Final phase of finishing and dying.

How to Make a Rabbitstick: Part Four: Primitive Lifeways:  In this final video, they demonstrate throwing the rabbitsticks.