Porcupine Quill Work:  I found this video very helpful as a beginner quill worker. He demonstrates very clearly how to do several basic techniques.

Quilling Workshop KOLC TV:  This is a video of a workshop presented by a Lakota woman whose family has been doing quilling for generations. She is teaching the wrap quilling and shows some beautiful examples. She demonstrates step by step and also shows her working with students as they learn, so you can learn from their failures : )


Single Line Quill Technique; NativeTech  This article describes and provides photos of the technique of single line quilling.

The Porcupine and Porcupine Quill Work; Pat Hartless: I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand alone piece for beginners, but it may be a good supplemental piece. There are verbal directions as well as illustrations and it shows several types of quilling.

Link to Pinterest page with examples of various ornamentations