Tom Brown Jr. writes about the formative spiritual journey of his mentor, Grandfather, and his journey to learning to teach the skills of connecting with the realms of the spirit. He describes the exercises from the Tracker School’s Philosophy 1 class.

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Awakening Spirits

In his third book of Grandfather’s spiritual teachings, Tom goes deeper into our spiritual life and the vital importance of our connection with the Earth.

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This was recommended by Tom Brown in his philosophy classes. The technique taught in the book is in alignment with a practice Grandfather Stalking Wolf used to introduce parts of the spiritual experience. This book is a good means to tap into this teaching and get another perspective. 

If you want to really understand the Vision of Grandfather Stalking Wolf and his people, this is a must to read. When you see the depth of his spiritual life and commitment, you’ll understand the importance of these skills and have a new understanding of the prophecies his people shared.…

The Vision was the first book in which Tom Brown Jr. shared stories of the spiritual teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf. There is a great deal of insight we can receive from reading of his experiences and taking guidance from them on our own spiritual path.

This was to be part of the same book as The Vision, but was split in two. It is recommended you read The Vision, first. This is the continued teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf’s spiritual teachings with Tom. It is also where he first introduces Grandfather’s prophecies.

This is a beautiful book that demonstrates the universal qualities of Grandfather and his people’s philosophy. The author works and lives with various indigenous groups and shares his experiences of their lifestyle and spirituality. It also demonstrates some of the amazing ways their thinking is different from western thinking. A very valuable book.

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Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First Nation Know-How for Global Flourishing’s contributors describe ways of being that reflect a worldview that has guided humanity for 99% of human history; they describe the practical traditional wisdom stemming from Nature-based relational cultures that were or are guided by this worldview. Such cultures did not cause the kinds of anti-Nature and de-humanizing or inequitable policies and practices that now pervade our world. Far from romanticizing Indigenous histories, Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom offers facts about how human beings, with our potential for good and evil behaviors, can live in relative harmony again. Contributions cover views from anthropology, psychology, sociology, leadership, native science, native history, and Native art.

Tracker Eugene Halton and Jon Young are contributors and editors in this important book.…

I remember the class where Tom first showed photos of Emoto’s water experiment. Of course he gave us no name or other information, so you had to go searching, but I’m so glad I did. Tom later used Emoto’s work as examples of the power of our thoughts, words and energy. Emoto experimented by flash freezing water that was exposed to different stimuli. What he found was that water, even exposed to just a typed word of “love” or “hate” taped to the bottle, would freeze completely differently. He repeated his experiments many times, exposing water to words, thoughts, prayers, music, contaminants, even microwaving. The differences are utterly stunning. This book contains information on his experiments and photographs of the differently stimulated water drops. It’s a great faith builder.

This book explores the philosophical, moral and ideological issues contained within the book and movie series, Planet of the Apes. It explores human impacts on the world, issues around genetic engineering and other scientific endeavors, and the rise and role of humanity. Tracker student, Gene Halton, penned the chapter, Planet of the Degenerate Monkeys, which you can read for free via

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