Primitive Pottery Session- Firing : Experimental Archaeology  Although this video could have been edited down, it demonstrates some key steps in firing pottery- not to mention his pots are really stunning!

   Pottery and Stove: Primitive Technology  There is no “teaching” in this video, but it demonstrates harvesting and preparing clay, pinch pots, coil pots and their firing and use of the pots. He also builds a clay stove and demonstrates its use. 

  Making Shell Temper for Primitive Pottery:  Shinbone5000  Not the highest quality video, but important skill depending on where you live. Until watching this, I didn’t know that shells had to be processed before using. Good explanations and demonstration.

African Pottery Forming and Firing; Chistopher Roy:  So much to be learned here from watching pros. So many tricks and techniques. Highly recommended for anyone working primitive pottery.

Process of Making the Giant Korean Traditional Jar Even though this is not done primitively, it is well worth the watch just to see their technique in making these huge containers. It can all be applied to smaller vessels. 


DIY Primitive Pottery Firing:  Bigtoothcow  A nice little how-to article with good instructions and photographs.

Link to Pinterest page with pottery examples and info.