Making Beef Jerky in the Wilderness:  Bushcraft Bartons  There are a couple things I liked in this. First, it is a fast drying method- several hours instead of 12 or more. I also liked the evergreen cap since I’ve had extreme problems with insects in the past. You can make the rack without the metal pieces he used.

Survival Instructor Teaches how to Preserve Meat in Wilderness; Coalcracker Bushcraft: Nice how to video on how to smoke meat.

Top Six Historical Egg Preservation Techniques; Townsends: Okay, it’s a little hokey, but great information on methods from the 18th century, their advantages and disadvantages and success rates over 8 months. Most could be done primitively.

Bushcraft: How Native Americans Preserve Food: Taylors’ Authentic Traditions: Creating drying racks for vegetables and meat. How to jerk/ cut meat.


Experiment with Food Storage: Debbie Tremel  A short blog post about some of the challenges of food preservation and a couple helpful tips.

Natural Dehydration: Debbie Tremel  Information on how to naturally dehydrate store bought or foraged fruits and vegetables.


Link to Debbie Tremel’s Pinterest page Food Preservation