Seaweeds: Following the Tides to Health and Nutrition: Karen Sherwood; Tracker Audio: It’s Karen- do I need to say more? For those who don’t know her, you’ll love learning about foraging seaweeds from her. She has decades of experience foraging and teaching.

Coastal Foraging- Scallops, cockles, clam and crab; Beach cook up; The Fish Locker:  I don’t have experience with this, so I like this video because he shows you on the landscape exactly what you’re looking for and about how to harvest them. I don’t know how advisable the use of salt is to get the razor clams, but since it’s a natural part of the ocean…? He ends with how to prepare and cook after gathering.


Introduction- Coastal Foraging; This is a well-rounded introduction to coastal foraging of plants (algae), shellfish and crustaceans. Good information about harvest and safety.

14 Wild Edibles to Harvest for Ocean and Coast; Field and Stream: Some topics have more detail than others, but it’s worth a read and sometimes includes more specifics about techniques to harvest and what types of habitats to harvest from.

Coastal Foraging- Kids Survival Skills Challenge;; Fun little article about a survival challenge on the beach. The mom obviously does primitive skills with them and this article shares their experience harvesting and cooking (or trying to cook) two types of shellfish.


Link to Pinterest page with info and examples of coastal foraging