This is not a large book and it is priced high because it’s out of print. It is, however, an excellent manual containing patterns and how to make a wide range of styles of moccasins and mukluks from various tribes. I’ve made several different types and the instructions are good.

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This book includes instruction on how to sew hides, furs and feathers and includes a waterproof seam stitch.

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This book includes patterns and instructions on a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Native American clothing including buckskins, grass clothing and footwear. Out of print but used copies are available at a reasonable price on Amazon.

A step by step guide to dry scaping and brain tanning. Available on Amazon.

A beautiful book with many photos, patterns, historical information enabling you to make your own mukluks. Available on Amazon.

This is an excellent book on wet scraping and brain tanning. It’s also available as a video. Available on Amazon.

This is an intensely cool book. It really does provide everything you need to know to give quilling a try. From methods of getting quills- even how to wrangle a porcupine- to traditional dyes. With a little practice, the diagrams are effective on how to do the actual quilling, although I have not tried the advance methods. Definitely a great resource to keep this ancient art form alive. Available on Amazon.