Field Guide to Wilderness SUrvival

A detailed, illustrated guide to a wide range of basic survival skills. Covers essentials regarding shelter, water, fire and food. Available on Amazon

Field Guide to Living with the Earth

Living in the wilderness is more than just survival. This book takes you the next step and teaches many new wilderness living skills. Available on Amazon.

Paiute Skills

This book contains a lot of historical information and highlights various skills including some progressive photos as they move through the skills. A great book for putting the skills within context. Available on Amazon

This is a very well-researched and presented book on many of the primitive skills used by the indigenous peoples of California. The book contains descriptions, stories, photographs and philosophy. It is a very well-rounded presentation of a wide variety of skills. Available on Amazon.


This is a well-done book on skills. The author has experience and shares it in a fun way. I found skills in this book that have not been covered in other books. One good thing is he talks about incorporating skills into modern life. So this can be useful as folks look for skills they can work on in a non-wilderness setting. Available on Amazon.

Back to Basics Skills

Tom Brown recommended this book in a class and after getting it, I could understand why. This is like the old Firefox books- it’s packed with skills. Many are not primitive, but more homesteading skills, but it’s a treasure trove of forgotten and useful details about how to do things. Available on Amazon.