Well, most people haven’t done the four days of full survival that Tom suggested in the standard class. Because ego doesn’t want to fail. 

So I’ll share what Tom teaches about survival. Food takes up about 92 percent of time in full survival. Shelter is built the first day. Water source is nearby. Fire is first day. Then it’s just collecting firewood.  Greens aren’t very sustaining, the body wants fat. Nuts are only available in autumn. Meat or fish is craved..

So what is the bait on the gouge hook for fish? 

What is the bait for animals to get caught in a trap?

Have the four standard class traps -been created since the class?

It’s all the children of the Earth will need, according to Grandfather.

Unless one is expert shot with an arrow and can hit a pin long ball every time at ten paces, traps are necessary. The advantage of traps, it it’s like you are hunting in ten different spots, 24/7.

      Where the food source is, is where one will find the game.

Don’t know where to start with trapping? 

You are welcome to come to GA , I’ll mentor you for 5 days. In exchange you help with chores,  garden, house maintenance ,etc.


Merry Christmas! Everyone❤

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