Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Desert: Sonoran Desert Part 1:  Tom McElroy, Wild Survival:  Former Tracker Instructor, Tom McElroy, spends a week of survival in the Sonoran Desert. This video includes many skills including shelter, water, fire, food, baskets, pottery and more. Well done and important information for desert survival.

How I Process Deer Legs for Sinew, Skin, Bones, Hooves and Glue Stock: Skill Cult:  Video by experienced person on processing deer legs for many uses.

Mary Weahkee make Mogollon sandals from yucca: Museum of Indian Arts and Culture:  This video demonstrates how to make one style of sandals from yucca which was important in desert living due to its toughness and ability to protect the feet from spines. She demonstrates the full process from selecting the type of yucca, through harvest, preparation and construction.

Weaving a Rabbit Fur Blanket Part 3 of 4  Parts one and two are focused on making the necessary cordage for this. In this video, she demonstrates how to create the fur covered cordage for the blanket. Not step by step, but enough to understand what is needed.

Weaving a Rabbit Fur Blanket Part 4 of 4  They show the rabbit fur cordage loomed and how to weave it with cordage. Sadly, doesn’t show the finished blanket, but still think this could be a great technique to learn!

Mary Weahkee Makes a Turkey Feather Blanket:  Museum of Indian Arts and Culture:  Making a blanket or cape with cordage and turkey feathers. 

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