Shelters, Shacks and Shanties; D.C. Beard

This book was written for boy scouts and contains a wide variety of types of shelters- some survival, some long-term. There are drawings and descriptions to help you create your own. A good means to learn some shelter tricks, and an opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of a wide range of shelters. https://www.amazon.com/Shelters-Shacks-Shanties-Wilderness-Architecture/dp/0486…


Native American Architecture; Nabokov and Easton

can’t praise this book enough. I’ve found nothing else like it out there anywhere. It covers traditional shelters of tribes throughout North America. There are shelters for every type of climate and terrain, so much is transferable to other continents. There are photographs and descriptions of many types of shelters, village lay-outs, information on the…


Long-Term Shelters

Videos: Building a Wigwam; Historic Huguenot Street:This is a time lapse video of the construction of an absolutely stunning wigwam with thatch and bark covering. These folks definitely demonstrate they know what they’re doing and the finished shelter is a work of art- and also very functional. Primitive Shelter for 13; Roots School:  Not a…

Winter Survival Shelters

Videos: Winter Survival: 15 Minute Shelter; Norwegian Bushcraft  This video demonstrates the construction of a snow shelter that takes little time. Good step by step demonstration. Winter Survival Shelter:  Willow Haven Outdoors  In this video, he demonstrates the use of pine trees in snow to construct a wind shelter and using enhanced walls.