Nettles for Textiles; Textile Network: Shows all the steps from harvest through hand spinning. Lots of good tips.

Different Fiber Types for Spinning, Understanding Spinning Fibers; From Farm to Yarn: This is not a how to process video, but shows samples and the qualities of a wide range of animal fibers and bamboo.

How to Card Wool; Dawn Prickett: Explains and demonstrates carding wool.

How to Spin Yarn Using a Drop Spindle; Woolen Wytch: Very clear instructions and demonstrations.

Navajo Weaver Clara Sherman Carding and Spinning; Wolf Creek: Not necessarily step by step, but demonstrated by a Grandmother. Uses a different type and technique of spinning. Show splicing yarns together.

Warp a Loom- Weaving Lesson for Beginners; Weavewithpat: This video covers how to warp a loom-setting up the loom with the strands for weaving. Uses modern tools, but can be adapted.

Plain Weaving- Weaving Lesson for Beginners; Weavewithpat: This demonstrates the actual weaving technique after your loom is warped. Very clear for beginners.

Prehistoric Nettle Textiles: Scraping and Splicing; Sally Pointer: Demonstrates preparation of fibers two methods of creating thread without spinning- one being basically very fine cordage. Also shows a great splice that works really well that I had never seen.

Stinging Nettle Thread Weaving by the Chakesang Tribe; Shahapedia: Not a how to but demonstrated by those who use this as part of every day life and there were preparation methods I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

Drop Spinning from Start to Finish; Soulful Spinning: Detail, step by step from someone who obviously knows what she’s doing!

Processing Stinging Nettle Fiber; Beagle Ben: He experiments and shows results of some treatment methods from several cultures on softening the fibers, as well as carding and processing.

Make Fabric from Nettles; Michael Taylor: A concise overview and demonstration of the process. Isn’t a step by step tutorial, but you see demonstrations of every phase from living plant to cloth.

Wildfibres; EartHand Gleaners: Has demos of techniques but most importantly it looks at a number of wild plants that produce fiber, including fireweed, milkweed, dogbane…

How to Knit, Easy for Beginners; RJ Knits: Knitting is a wonderful method of making necessary clothing and living items- and knitting needles can be easily made. This is a very beginner video from which anyone can learn the basics of knitting.

How to Knit, Part 2; Purling; RJ Knits: The next basic knitting step.

How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners; Bella Coco: A beginner video on crocheting, another method of creating usable items with yarn.


50 Knit Stitch Patterns for Beginning Knitters: Once you’ve learned the two basic stitches, knitting and purling, this page will give you tons of ideas of how to combine them to create different patterns.

How to Use a Drop Spindle; Hand Spinning for Beginners: Practical Self Reliance: A good all around article which includes links to several videos and related articles. A great place to start.


Link to Pinterest page on various ways of making cloth.