Do you recollect grandfathers teaching in the standard class?

   Tom gave us the choice, 4 days of full survival, or a vision quest. He told us to do the full survival- by day two in full survival, one is in deep alpha or even theta mind.
Then he went on to describe the 4 days of full survival-
Day one- pick up a throwing stick
Ask where the perfect site is and begin wandering towards it, hunting as you go.
Debris hut is built in one hour, ( it still takes me two hours).
Water source is nearby.- create an Indian well so water isn’t muddy
Build fire kit and create fire. (Tom would climb a tree and use a dead branch as the fireboard. ( getting above the high humidity at ground level) put the glowing tinder in his shirt and climb down, and blow his tipi fire into flame. Always having a reflector behind the fire to direct the heat to him.
Only twice, has Tom not gotten a rabbit with his throw stick. Before he got to his camp site. 
A bowl and spoon are burned out, for eating and rock boiling.
Any gathered food is cooked that evening.
Tom creates the apparatus for ten traps to be set on day two.
     He has gone out and scouted the transition areas in a five mile loop, where he will set the traps. 
Sleeps a deep restful sleep in his debris hut, day two
next morning Tom descents, goes and sets his ten primitive traps, and builds a travois along the way, returning to camp with it loaded with materials he has gathered.
He hunts with throw stick as he journeys setting the trapline.
Eats a rabbit he killed for supper.
Sleeps a deep restful sleep in a warm shelter.
Day three,
Tom goes out and collects the ten animals that are in his traps, taking down the traps.
The travois is drug back to camp carrying the animals. 
They are skinned, some cooked for a feast with wild editables , the rest are dried.
Hides are fleshed, and tanning process begun, or made into rawhide.
Day four
All ones needs are met, advanced skills are done, or break camp scattering it so no one will know you had been there and move on.
     There were months of down time with the virus, anyone out there ,do any of these skills????
   Tom was…. years ago, teaching us what we would be doing to not just thrive, but design a life- like stalking Wolf lived his entire life.
   This is what is coming with collapse. There is still time to master these skills.
    This is why people who have taken the standard class, have a 50 percent chance of survival. Take the back to back an master those skills, and it’s 70 percent chance of making it out the other side of red sky’s.
Take scout- and it’s a 99 percent chance of making it thru collapse!
If the skills are mastered.
Winter camp is underground.
   Grandfathers definition of a scout-
High speed, invisible, expert survivalist!
     We each choose our reality perspective.
Denial, and hope this way of life continues, or moving back to a simple existence, and living the philosophy of the Earth.
    Collecting guns and ammunition.
Tom cautioned in my standard class-
After the first year, a shot will be like ringing the dinner bell, and you are it.
    Be well, and please play with the above skills a half hour a day.
Review your standard notes
Back to back
Phil 1
And have passion

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