My Brothers and Sisters,

Four days ago, Listening to EARTH, Listening to Spirit – through All of Life, There was this Clear, as Clear as Soul – KNOWing, release.  The EARTH, and All of CREATION, were Chiming Forth – with Joy.  You see, I knew what this meant.  No need to read the paper, watch t.v., follow the news, and become agitate, No need.  I knew.  In my heart, the EARTH had Spoken.  There would be a reprieve…

This morn, down at the pier, on Ginger Creek, here is what a child of EARTH witnessed (believe you me):

…a child, who is sitting, watching the water, as he has done – so many years…watching the Life, in the water, dwindle, and die…after so long, he is looking – in the water, Feeling deeply in one Soul a Blessed Communion ~ Water Being Life

                          All at once, before his eyes, appear – for Real – a Whole, entire school ~ Fish, God Bless, a multitude, silver sides flashing in water, minnows that had grown – big, so big, he’d never seen the likes before.  Then, upon the water, splish‘n – there!, ‘n there! ‘n everywhere – on the surface, riff!aloosh – where schools of fish, in unison, turn – with LOVE for Gleamin’ Life!  at Once.

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