Folks: if you have specific shoe needs for your back to work right better get your shoes from last years overstocks: last chance for lots of different supplies: go bag stuff.  Cache gear. Factory lines will close. Crap is still cheap. (lol)

Just be smart and don’t hoard but do not neglect the obvious prophecy here on production line gear-you may not be able to get it. I can only wear one brand of shoes comfortably. They last 1year in rough terrain.

Get your base equipment list restocked, and food stores as Tom pointed out in the blog.

Think “what if?”  Play the game. Wake up.

Be in gratitude and enjoy Earth and nature and fitness’ and birdsong!  “No one is guaranteed another day”. Wake up. Dont sit on your C-19 ass without exercising during the Shutdown

I’m evacuating my house sit today: pure gut. I am totally mobile: have a place to pitch my wall tent or my backpack is ready. Quit smoking cigarettes three weeks ago. Heavy workouts daily now. Moved 3 tons of rock yesterday.

So. . . In the mountains just outside of Denver

Back to self contained chop wood carry water bucket baths, Denver 3 county had 193 new cases yesterday: bad. Im here working now. Set my rukes for all clients. Have good infrastructure including family.

Mostly tho its inner vision need; must do my doctor rounds before fall.

ALSO: the second wave:it will be much earlier than they say-check your inner vision on that.  Denver is starting now. . . They let everyone out to soon and from what i see people are being stupid.

Prayer of early warning . . .



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