Boiling Water with Just a Knife: NW Primate  This sweet video demonstrates how to boil water with only a Tracker knife- from making the bow drill set to making a bark water container. He demonstrates rock boiling as well as boiling directly on the fire with the bark container. 

Two Litre Water Filter from Natural Items; Survival on the SKinney  He demontrates a water filter using charcoal, sand, grass and rocks.

How to Fill Your Canteen from a Tree:  Sigma 3 Survival School  Great video on how to tap a tree for sap water with a knife. This is why I carry a spile in my go-bag. but a great technique if you don’t have one. I appreciate their care for the tree as well.

Rock Boiling Water; Native Survival  A good step by step of boiling water for purification.


Up a Creek without a Bottle: How to Store and Carry Water in a Survival Situation:  The Prepper  This article contains information on coal burning, bark containers but what I liked best was how to process an animal stomach for use as a water container. Have not found a lot of information on this. The article also includes some videos.


This is a link to my Pinterest page that has images of water collection and purification.